30 March 2012

Giving in

Hmm... it's nearly midnight.

I'm messing around in iTunes, making playlists for a little get-together tomorrow night.  And I'm wondering why I leave these things to the very last minute. Just like I have with the Lisette sew-along. You see, here is where I am at with it:

A bit of a mess really; not too much to show. The pattern is out of the envelope, the pieces are cut and the fabric is pre-washed - two different kinds, I must add. And that's about where it ends.

Not only am I confused about the finished size (and I recall that it's best to follow the sizes printed on the tissue paper, not the back of the envelope), but the pieces appear rather small. I also don't know which fabric to hack into. 

But wait, there is more... I have been studying the neckline of this pattern, together with the overall shape and I've convinced myself that it is going to hang off me in the style of a nice potato-sack. It's the chest thing. And because of this, I really do hesitate with cutting into my divine cotton sateen... the pretty red one like on the pattern. I know, I know - go get some cheap fabric and just make the thing, then tweak and remake in the nicer stuff.

I give in... for now. Sometimes it is better to accept limitations and let something go. Temporarily, so as not to lose interest in it completely. Looking at some other people's creations is very inspiring, and I have basically made the dress in my head. However, Lisette must shuffle herself into April (sorry Curlypops! Bit off more than I could chew).

On the plus, the past month has been filled with fabulous films, and I'm finally digging into my sketching and watercolor workshops. And it is almost the weekend. Happy about that!


Sally said...

The ease on the dress is 7" which is quite loose fitting. I sewed my top a size smaller above the waist than below and then added an extra inch and a half on the end for a bit of length. Sarah (who you linked to) actually shorten hers! She looks so fabulous doesn't she?
Good luck getting it sewed.

CurlyPops said...

No pressure Jen! Just sew whenever you please and whenever it takes your fancy...

Jen said...

Wow - 7" ease? Perhaps I have cut the right size and may still be a little roomy. Thanks Sally.

And thanks Cam *blush* Really wanted to get in before the end of March but didn't quite work out. Looking forward to getting time at the sewing table. Maybe this long weekend.

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